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GUITAR18th of December 2015: Been a busy year with lots of musical adventures. Got to meet and play with a lot of new artists both live and in the studio. I feel lucky that music is my job & lifestyle and not my hobby:)

Added several productions to my producer credit list this year. I really appreciate working in the studio environment. It is challenging on so many levels, and equally rewarding. (And frustrating at times:) I will focus more on my studio adventures in the future, but still keep a somewhat busy live schedule. Its a kind of a yin and yang thing for me with the live/ studio thing.


GUITAR27th of November 2015: Wooow.... The lack of updates. Lots and lots have happened since the last update. Releases, tours, concerts etc. Hmmmmm.... Must take a summary later. Check out my Gigs page, that one is updated with gigs and tours.

Now I am telling you all about my christmas tune which is out on Youtube now. It will be available for streaming on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal etc. in the upcoming week. So here is the youtube link:


GUITAR1st of March 2015: Just arrived home after being 10 days out with Topcoat, culiminating in a spectacular 30th anniversary concert at Harstad Culture House. What a ride!!! Lots of fun. Topcoat released a single 28th of february as well, so we recorded a music video for that song. The concert was multitrack recorded and filmed with 6 cameras, so it will be released on DVD later this year.

Also, Jan Willy Berg released a single on Rebbely Hills Records in february, its called "Every hour of our lives" and is available on WIMP, Spotify and iTunes.

Now I need rest!


Rebbely Hills20th of January 2015: A new musical year has begun. We´ve already recorded and released Jan Hugo Thranes EP "Nye Veia" (Its on spotify and itunes etc.) on Rebbely Hills Records, produced by yours truly. Love the songs. Check ´em out:)

Next week I will be back in the saddle with Topcoat. A little tour in Sweden and their 30th anniversiary show at Harstad Kulturhus. That will be a BIG production with horns, 2 keys, percussion in addition to the band. It will also be recorded so it can be released as a DVD. Nice:) And, oh, we will also release a single to celebrate. Looking forward to that.

Studiowise, my old friend Jan Willy Berg is recording stuff with me, and I will do stuff with Puskas and Werner Larsen, in addition to a record I am producing with my brother Fritzie. We will record and release our first albun together this year. Release is planned at may 15th. We are deep into recording/ writing and have a couple of tracks done already. I have more recording projects planned, but I will tell more about them at a later stage.

Music is my life, Peace.


Rebbely Hills27th of December 2014: This has been one of my best musical years in a long time. So many projects and "dreams" came through this year and I am proud and honored.

Rebbely Hills Records, my little record company is a longtime dream that I now have pulled together. No big thing, just a small effort to push and develop (myself and) other selected artists to create and publish their work. I have a small selection of talents that have released their music through (and with) me this year. I cherish them all:)

Lyden av Hammerfest was a milestone for me. What an honour and priviligie to produce and release that collection of songs, and the release concert!!!! One of my careers higlights and milestones.

Geggen Mauno released his latest single and album which I produced this december. I love the record and I love the artist. He writes honest lyrics and to the bone music. I am honored that he chose me to produce it!

My old pal and musical brother, Fritz Rune Størdal is up and around again. We released the first single from our upcoming album this October. Next single is April 1st 2015 and the album is due the 15th of may. I am so exited about this:)

Another old pal and musical gem is also up and about. Jan Hugo Thrane is a man we will hear more from. He participated on lyden av Hammerfest with his beautiful song "Barndoms stia" and that triggered him big time. We are working on more stuff and he will release a single in January 2015.

If I write about the whole year in one post, it will be a VERY long one, so keep reading older posts if this made you curious.

Now 2014 is near its end and I am already planning 2015 which, I must say, looks promising already. Keep yourself updated on this website or my facebook page(s) for news on upcoming gigs, events and recordings.

I wish you all a merry christmas and a very musical new year:)


Rebbely Hills22th of November 2014:What a blast! Had an amazing experience last night during the releaseparty of "Lyden av Hammerfest". That was my greatest musical experience ever!

Fantastic musicians, tech staff, audience, environment, spirit etc. made the nigt magical. I am on a high now. So proud of all the artists that performed live yesterday and the record we have made together. So happy now.

Next out is Geggen Maunos full album that will be released the 15th of December and Jan Hugo Thranes 2 track single that also will be out in December. Lots of gigs as well before christmas sets in.

Music is my life!!!!


Rebbely Hills12th of November 2014: The project "Lyden av Hammerfest" (The sound of Hammerfest) is completed. What a journey it has been. So many talented musicians I´ve been fortunate to work with. I am very happy with the end result and look forward to present this collection of music to the public. My buddy Fritz Rune Størdal has done a tremendeous job helping me finish this project. He turned out to be my perfect partner in crime (when it comes to studio stuff/ work, anyway).

The 22nd of November we will have a grand releaseparty at Arktisk Kultursenter, where we will present all the tracks live in Ole Olsen Salen. That will be a rush!!!!!!!!0

Rebbely Hills25th of September 2014: Geggen Maunos new single is out today. You can find it on digital plattforms such as iTunes, Wimp, Spotify etc. In addition to a simple video on Youtube. We are proud to present this new song for you, which is a teaser for the upcoming 11 track album called "9650" (Its the postal code for a little village called Akkarfjord, where Geggen spends a lot of time.)

Tonight I will perform with a lot of friends at a private gig. Will be good to play with the above mentioned artist, Geggen, in addition to Egon Olsen, Bjørn Ronny Hansen, Kjell Arnesen and Fritz Rune Størdal.

Tomorrow I´ll be handeling the bass guitar at a church concert with Hammerfest Big Band. Diversity:)0

Rebbely Hills16th of September 2014: R&S (Rebbestad & Størdal) released the single "Shadow of a man" today. We are very proud of our song and hope you like it. You can find it on iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, WIMP & Spotify. Always exiting to release new music. And this one is a gem:)

Soldiering on with "Lyden av Hammerfest". It comes together and I am very exited about this project. Lots of great artists I have the priviliege to work with. More on this later. Release is november 22nd.

Geggens new album is in the final recording stages and we will head out to his "ranch" this weekend to record some acoustic cuts. It´s going to be an amazing record. I love the guy:)

Lot of music to produce. I love it:)0

Rebbely Hills25th of September 2014: Working on a lot of stuff these days. As metioned earlier, "Lyden av Hammerfest" is moving forward in a steady pace. Really cool to work with so much talents.

I will release a single this October. "Shadow of a man", a soul/ blues driven tune featuring my buddy Fritz Rune Størdal on vocals. I wrote this in 2006 so I think its time to get it published now. Personell on the song is Fritzie (Voc), Geir Åge Johnsen (Ds), Ole Kelly Kvamme (Bs), Vegard Moshagen (Pno/ B3) and yours truly on guitars and backing vocals in addition to recording/ producing and arranger duties. Dreamteam to work with:)

Next we have started to work on Geggen Maunos new release. He got a lot of new material ready so we are at a very good place now. Inspired and happy and moving forward in a steady pace with the project. Good to be working with my pal again:)


Rebbely Hills9th of September 2014: Much musical activity these days. Both live and in the studio. As written earlier I am working my ass of with "Lyden av Hammerfest", which is my major studio endeavour this autumn.

In October it is one year since I released the single Carmen. I am planning to release a new single this October as well. More on this later.

This weekend I will go out and play with the Topcoat guys again. Looking forward to that. And when I return its "Italian week" that is arranged in Hammerfest. Lots of work ahead there. Italian music all week with "Orchestra di casa". Good stuff:)


Rebbely Hills2nd of September 2014: Busy as always, but I have done a major update on this site. Made a news archive link and a page for info on my record company Rebbely Hills Records. You can see the links in the top bar.

Musicwise I am working as a madman on the project "Lyden av Hammerfest". It is so far on track and looks very promising. So many talented artists participate on this project. Bodil Niska, Bjørn Sundquist, Arne Storvik, Ivar Kristensen, Ulf Hustad, Håkon Follien, Helene Holm-Glad, Solvor & Synnøve Ovrid, Lillyum, Geggen Mauno, Leif Løkken, Tara Block, Karoline Andersen, Tonny Larsen, Fred Davidsen, John Eirik Nilsen, Kjell Arnesen, Svein Stephansen, Roar Olsen, Dag Erik Pedersen, Edvin Vevik, Marit Bornø, Fritz Rune Størdal, Gøran Johansen, Trond Are Pedersen, Reidar Næss and several more artists. Pure gold:) Brought in my old and dear friend Fritz Rune Størdal on board as a production assistant. He really keeps me on my toes and ensues progress. We have done six of 10 (maybe it will be 11) tracks so far. Thanks, mate:)

Also made the logo for the project as you can see to the left here. What do you think of it?

Still a long way to go until the release concert at 22nd of November in Ole Olsen salen, Arktisk kultursenter, but I have the faith:)


Rebbely Hills29th ofJuly 2014: I am really bad at updating this site. Lots of stuff has gone down since the last update.

First the project "Lyden av Hammerfest" is progressing. Recorded several tracks with artists such as Geggen Mauno, Fritz Rune Størdal, Gøril Nilsen, Bodil Niska, Helene Holm-Glad Solvor Ovrid, Bjørn R. Sundquist and more. I am really exited about this project. Lots of work but fun and rewarding.

Also been giggin with Kurt, Topcoat, my "day job" and many more. Met and played with some amazing musicians in Portugal this year. Tuniko Goulart, Ze Manel and many more gave me many musical memories and experiences. Already looking forward to next time I´ll be giggin with them:)


Rebbely Hills3rd ofApril 2014: Lagging on updates here. But A LOT has happened since the last update. I have gigged with Jens Wendelboe, Lillyum, Agnete and Atle Pettersen. Jens conducted the gigs with Atle and Agnete wich was private corporate gigs in Hammerfest. And what a band that was put together. It was AWSOME to be a part of those gigs.

I have started a record company called REBBELY HILLS RECORDS and I am very psyched about that. I have produced a couple of singles already this year. First Lars Ole Godø´s song "Stars" and MORTY´s single "Give me all you got", both of which you can find on Spotify, iTunes, Wimp etc. Reidar Næss has recorded one song and has one more to go. I have a lot of projects coming up this year, so I will focus more on studiowork in the times ahead. I would be very happy if you clicked "Like" on Rebbely Hills Records Facebook page and supports us. You can find it here!


Decibel w/ Hovensjø10th of February 2014: First post of 2014. My musical adventures for this new year is already in full speed ahead. I´ve gigged with Kurt Ivar at Svalbard, Jan Arild Sørnes in Tromsø, Topcoat in Hammerfest and Tromsø, and a number of gigs during "Kulturtrøkk" in Hammerfest.

Now I am preparing for 2 sold out shows at Arktisk Kultursenter in Hammerfest where we celebrate the music of Tore Hansen. Artists that will participate is: Ketil Stokkan, Tor Endresen, Dag Spantell, Jenny Jensen, Kai Kiil, Jørn Hoel and Steinar Albrigtsen. In addition 2 of the members of Unit Five will do a song each, Kjell Arnesen and Finn Remen.

The band is top notch with Birkir Gudmundsson on keys, Bjørn Ronny Hansen on bass, Egon Olsen on drums, Ragnhild Faanes on sax, Per Inge Jensen on trumpet, Vasile Baghiuc on trombone, Karoline Andersen on backing voc, Lise Olaussen Pedersen on backing voc and last yours truly on guitar and musical direction (misdirection) I really do believe this will be a worthy show in memory of a great man.

Lots of studiowork ahead and some exiting gigs with Nancy Rydheim and Kurt Ivar Strøm.


Decibel w/ Hovensjø30th of Decmber 2013: Been a eventful musical year for me. Met and played with lots of new artists/ musicians, recorded lots of tracks, produced a couple of records etc. Released my first single in 18 years as a solo artist. I am a slow worker in that departement. I will try to release some new stuff in the new year as well. Lots of work/ fun. Luckily it seems that 2014 offers as much fun and opportunities as 2013.

Lost too many friends and colleagues in 2013. Death is a part of life, but that don´t make it any easier. So thank you for the memories, my lost comerades.

I have a couple of projects I really look forward to dig into in the new year. I have a recording project that I will reveal more details about later, but I can say that it will require lots of work and dedication and that it is the most comprehensive recording project I ever have embarked on.

Gigs seems to come my way in 2014 as well. I am a lucky man. Looking forward to play with new friends/artists/musicians in 2014. I will update my gigs list when the new year arrive.

Happy new year out there:)


Spotifylogo17th of October 2013: I have released another track on Spotify Wimp, iTunes, Amazon etc. The track is called "Tick, Tock" and is an instrumental piece I recorded with Vegard Moshagen - Kb, Geir Åge Johnsen - Ds and Ole Kristian "Kelly" Kvamme -

You can listen to "Tick, Tock" on Spotify HERE!

If you want to buy the song and by that support my music, the iTunes link is HERE!


Spotifylogo14th of October 2013: I have released a single. I have recorded a version of the late great Marius Muller song "Carmen". It is published on Spotify and Wimp. My first release in 18 years, I am not that busy releasing my own stuff:)

Edit: You can listen to "Carmen" on Spotify HERE!


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